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Peter Garrard

peter garrard,apollo queer art,painter,ceramics
Peter Garrard

Artist Statement:

Since the age of 11, when I discovered clay, it has been a passion for me and for all my adult life I have found great fulfillment in working with and teaching others what clay can do. Alongside my teaching I have always created my own artwork; this has been very wide-ranging but one of my underlying themes has been the exploration of the male body. In recent years I have moved away from just focusing on the form of men and started to explore my own experiences and fantasies as a gay man. I aim to convey men’s sensuality and beauty but I also want my work to have a real emotional value and I am attempting to convey some of the vulnerability, frailty and joy that I feel.


Since 2009 I have exhibited in galleries and garden sculpture exhibitions in my area.
I live in Gloucester, UK, with my husband

Instagram: @petegarrard


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