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Michael Biello

Michael Biello,apollo queer art,sculpteur

Artist Statement:

I believe that art is a healing force in the world. My work is queer-spirit driven. I honor this spirit by giving it voice – by bringing together diverse elements to create a sense of peace, love, harmony, and balance.


Michael Biello is a ceramic sculptor who draws inspiration from his Italian American roots and his passion for performance and musical theatre. Biello’s work has been exhibited internationally and is in numerous private collections including many in the entertainment industry. Biello is one of the artisan/makers who helped create the revivals of Old City Philadelphia in the 1970’s and Noho New York in the 1990’s. He currently makes and shows his work at his atelier in Old City Philadelphia.

In addition to visual art, Biello’s commitment to collaborating with other artists has led him to explore and produce work in a wide range of artistic disciplines. With his husband, composer Dan Martin, Biello has written and performed critically acclaimed musical theatre and performance pieces – many of them queer-centric. He has also designed sets, masks, and props for theatre and dance. As LGBTQ cultural activists, Biello & Martin have created roundbreaking queer community art, music and theatre projects.”




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