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José Gomez

jose gomez,apollo queer art, artist, painter,london
José Gomez


I am a visual artist, originally from Seville and based in London. I am mainly interested in creating artworks that call for the involvement of the viewers. I consider my cultural identity a significant inspiration for my work, as well as my gay identity and everyday observations around London.

For his variety of cultures and artistic movements, Seville is a rich source of gothic and Arab architecture based on geometric forms and baroque paintings and sculptures, which are a rich source of inspiration for me. The human figure of sexy men, abstract creations, and vivid colors are present in my artworks; it allows me to mix seemingly abstract and figurative compositions with sculptural associations.


Jose Gomez is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works in London, UK.  He moved to London in the year 2000. Natural of Seville, Spain, where he studied at the Seville Art School. His distinctive personal style expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of his cultural surroundings.  As a dynamic and innovation-seeking artist, he evolves in each series of work that he makes, using different materials and techniques, which allow him to explore from various perspectives with energy and expression of freedom. His artworks are hybrid paintings and sculptures. He studied Sculpture at the Camberwell College of Arts, obtaining a BA in 2012. Since then, he has shown his artworks in solos and several group exhibitions around London and Spain, including The Espacio Gallery (Flesh, 2015), The Menier Gallery (Beyond Margins, 2015), The OXO Tower (Tribe 17 at the Bargehouse, 2017) and The Tower Bridge Engine Rooms (The Art Bridge #8, 2018). His latest solo exhibition was traveling through art spaces and art galleries in Valencia (Spain) for 6 months until March 2019.

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