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Apollo Quer Art in Madrid

8th of November – 18 of December 2022

Extended till 8th of January 2023

Belenartspace: Calle Belen 5, 28004 Madrid

quinton lehnert,alexandre Sequierra,franco zuchella,Michael Biello,Daniel Garbade,Peter garrard ,Jose Gomez,Apollo Queer Art,Belenartspace,madrid,exposiciones,gayart,queerart,

Apollo Queer Art in Portugal

Inauguration: 23th of September

Sala Caramujo: Almada Lisboa

My father is a dirty slutty transcendental girlie

This aesthetic project includes a collective of artists of different nationalities, ages, and paths that seek through the subversion mobile to include a new object. Understand if by new object something that speaks to us of social, aesthetic, identity, gender to achieve the inclusion of excluded objectives. It is intended through queer, feminist, anti-colonialist or just subversive art to create questions and not just information or data.

Through the analysis of the archeology of power that dictates the rules of aesthetic patriarchy, The art of the aforementioned groups seeks a new ideal of beauty or anti-art. It is in this dichotomy of spaces that the multiple dialogues and possibilities are articulated. materials. The title of the exhibition explicitly alludes to the father figure and his transmutation from an insult normally attributed to women as is the slut or girlie that this time is directed towards the father figure. The word transcendental alludes precisely to this irony and dichotomy between genders. cited. In summary, this project or aesthetic attempt only tries to question it and the attempt or the possibility of including the so-called subversive aesthetic exclusions.

Joao Galrao,pauliana valente pimentel,daniel garbade,franco zuchella,quinton lehnert,michael biello,peter garrard,fatima viv¡cente silva alexandre sequiera, colin ginks,ivo bassanti, joao galrao

8 of November – 18th of December

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